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ReedyRiver's integrated software tools help organizations to manage their business and the delivery of their services. We provide our software to our customers as an Internet service.

No software to load, just login!

Collaborate and Communicate

Your teams can work together to review sales opportunities and to create, review, and update estimates and schedules. Everyone will see the same data. Teams can access the information they need from their offices, hotels, or project sites anywhere in the world.

Data as a Reusable Asset™

We provide the tools that let you turn your data into a reusable asset. You can create estimate models that are customized for your business and that reflect your true costs instead of some industry average. You can create new estimates by clicking on the estimate items you want to include that are shown in the estimate models.

Our Software is Integrated

When programs are integrated, you don't have to rekey data from one program to the next. With one click you can create a new schedule automatically from the data in @estimate. Integrated also means you don't have to login to each application separately. Login once to access all your tools and all your data.

Real Time Project Control

Our tools are multiuser. This allows the people with task responsibility to update status in the schedule themselves. Task data can be updated more often and with less effort. Project Managers and design leaders can get better information, faster.

Enterprise Capabilities

Organizations with multiple offices and or multiple business units will benefit from our capabilities to roll up and present project and sales information at different Enterprise Levels. You can do a high level project review by office or by business unit. You can review resource utilization that includes assignments on all projects. Managers at all levels can get better information faster and with less effort.

Safe and Secure

Safe and secure means that your entire communication with our system (not just the login) is encrypted using the secure sockets layer (SSL) with a 128-bit key. SSL is the standard for securing E-Commerce transactions. Safe and secure also means that each application provides you with tools that let you assign (and unassign) licenses to users and also assign user roles (e.g. Administrator, Editor, Reviewer) that define and limit access to programs and data.

Comfortable On-Screen Review of Information

Our tools are designed to provide comfortable on-screen review of information. We provide paging of information to limit the amount of scrolling required. Each user sets the amount of information to show on a page. Gantt charts are always highly readable because they automatically time scale (from days to years) to fit and show only the tasks on the page.

Nothing to Maintain and No Software to Load

We provide the hardware and software infrastructure. All your team needs is a PC that is connected to the Internet and a license for our service. There is no software to load. Just go to our site and sign-on.


Take a look at our different editions and our innovative subscription based pricing. There are no large up front capital costs or yearly maintenance fees even though we add new features throughout the year.

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